March is National Nutrition Month

By: Joseph Mansonet, Research Assistant, Rutgers Institute for Health

March 1st marks the beginning of National Nutrition Month! National Nutrition Month, established by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, is a month-long campaign dedicated to educating people about making informed food choices and encouraging exercise and physical activity. Every week of National Nutrition Month has a theme designed to encourage people to make healthier decisions.

Week 1: Eat a variety of nutritious foods. Eating healthy involves eating healthful foods from all food groups, especially fruit and vegetables. Learning how to read Nutrition Facts labels can help you make informed decisions about your food. This month is a great opportunity to incorporate cultural foods and traditions from across the world to spice things up!

Week 2: See a registered dietician nutritionist (RDN). Ask your healthcare provider to refer you to an RDN that specializes in your unique health needs. With the help of an RDN, you will be able to progress towards your health goals. 

Week 3: Plan your meals and snacks. Planning healthful meals for the week can ensure that you are getting the nutritious food that you need. Try using a grocery list to keep your shopping focused on healthy foods. Making healthful food and drink decisions when you’re away from home can help you stay on track!

Week 4: Create tasty food at home. National Nutrition Month is the perfect opportunity to learn how to cook! Learning how to cook food from all over the world can be a fun and rewarding activity. Enjoying home-cooked meals with your friends and family is a great way to stay healthy and bond with others. 

IFH is committed to ensuring that the people in our community have the resources to live happy and healthy lives. Visit our website for nutritional education and resources. 

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