Community Health Data

This tool is designed to help you discover information about health in NJ. Community groups and organizations can use data to:
  • Better understand the health needs of the people they serve and inform best practices in improving health at the individual, subgroup, and community levels.
  • Provide background for grant-writing and funding proposals.
Data can help improve communities’ understanding of:
  • Overall health, as well as health challenges facing specific communities.
  • Health promotion successes within the community.
  • Opportunities to improve the health of the community as a whole and the health of individuals living in the community.

You can use the Community Health Data tool to learn more about the health of those you serve.
Here are some examples of info you can find:

County Comparison

Compare a variety of health measures between different counties or states through the “County Comparison” tool.

  • What is the percentage of the population in Essex County, NJ without health insurance compared to Rockland County, NY?
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NJ County Comparison
NJ Data

Take a deeper dive into health in NJ through the “NJ Health Data” tool. Explore health data broken down by race/ethnicity, income groups, and more. View information at the state or county level.

  • What is the percentage of people with high cholesterol in New Jersey between the ages of 30-39?
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NJ Data

See rankings of health data by county in New Jersey or other states.

NJ County Rankings

Check out other data on…
  • Access to Care
  • Chronic Diseases and Conditions
  • Demographics
  • Employment and income
  • Housing and Transit
  • Mental Health
  • Screening and Preventive Services
  • Air Quality
  • Clinical Care
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Family and Social
  • Injuries
  • Quality of Life
  • Alcohol and Substance Use
  • Community Safety
  • Education
  • Length of Life
Looking for data on specific cities across the country?
Check out the City Health Dashboard