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  • Trust in Research: This study seeks to improve health outcomes in communities by recruiting participants to understand feelings towards health research.
  • Impact of COVID:This study is being done to help understand the impact of COVID-19 and factors associated with social distancing and consequences of social distancing.
  • New Jersey Population Health Cohort Study: We are reaching out to communities across New Jersey to launch a research study that captures the diverse experiences of New Jersey families. This study will produce health data that reflects New Jersey’s diversity, will inform decisions in your community, and ensure fair and just opportunities for New Jerseyans to lead healthy lives.
    • Eligibility: New Jersey resident 14 years or older from an immigrant community and/or multigenerational household
    • Learn more about the study and how to participate:
  •    Post-COVID Fatigue: this study seeks to better understand post-COVID fatigue
    •  Eligibility: You recovered from initial symptoms of COVID-19; you still experience persistent fatigue or you have completely recovered from COVID-19 and you do not have any persistent symptoms; You do not have any conditions that can cause fatigue.
    • Learn how to participate in this study: call (848) 467-5515 or email
  • Long COVID and Memory: Our post-COVID research seeks to better understand long COVID symptoms, especially those related to memory and thinking (“brain fog”). We believe that inflammation related to the initial COVID-19 continues to impact some people’s memory and thinking and are seeking to understand why some people go onto develop these persistent symptoms, while others do not.
    • Eligibility: Any adults (18+) that have experienced a COVID-19 infection are eligible to participate, regardless of if they have Long COVID symptoms.
    • Learn more about this study: call (732) 595-6336 or email
  • Memory and Aging Study: this study seeks to better understand aging & dementia.
    • Eligibility: Healthy middle-aged and older adults, as well as people with memory and thinking problems due to: mild Alzheimer’s, frontotemporal dementia, or ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).
    • Learn more about this study: call (732) 595-6336 or email
  • South Asian Brain Health Study: This study seeks to better understand patterns of aging in people of South Asian descent and how brain aging differs between people. To participate, you'll be invited to our research center in Piscataway, NJ to have a brain MRI and perform memory and thinking activities guided by one of our research staff members. Participants will also be sent an email link to complete online surveys.
    • Eligibility: You may be eligible to participate if you are of South Asian descent, over 60-years old and English-speaking.
    • Learn more about this study: call (732) 595-6336 or email
  • Memory and Sleep Study: This study seeks to better understand the effect of music on sleep in older adults with memory problems.
    • Eligibility: Individual with memory problems (60+) who lives at home and has trouble sleeping; care for someone 60+ with memory problems and who has trouble sleeping OR health care professional who takes care of individuals with memory problems.
    • Learn more about this study: Call Darina Petrovsky (848) 209-1396 or email
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